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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

"God couldn't be everywhere so He created Mothers," copied from a church sign.

It is easy to take a mother for granted.  She is always there when you are upset, need guidance, need help or need a hug. She may or may not be a blood relative.  She is God's arms on earth to bring comfort and love. It is so hard to think of life without our mother if she has to leave us.  She is always in our heart, mind and memory.

A mother can make mistakes but she is willing to overlook our mistakes if we overlook hers!  She is not always a mover and a shaker, but she is a constant presence in our lives. Often we don't see all of the accomplishments of our mothers because they are primarily our mother. Some mothers are not "motherly" but we know that we are always special to them because we are her children.

If a biological mother is not present physically, emotionally or psychologically it is wonderful when we can find a "stand in" to provide the connections we need.

Mothers can be biological, adoptive, step, or a beautiful woman who steps in to be present for a child. God loves all mothers and takes care of our mothers when we can't.

Mothers have a wonderful example in the mother of Jesus.  She suffered and celebrated with him as he went on his daily journey. Our mothers truly are very special people who deserve to be recognized and celebrated.  Have fun on Mother's Day!

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