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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


"Human love is loving because of something; divine love is loving in spite of everything."  As told to Marsha Tibbo

Human love is confusing, exhilarating, disappointing, exciting, and often muddled as we travel our life's journey.  Many times, love is hard to understand because our communication is imperfect, we often don't say what we actually feel and feelings are overwhelming. Human love can become exceptional love when we are able to forget ourselves and sacrifice for the good of another.  When we can love God and love others as we love ourselves.

Love is not just physical attraction,  It transcends to loving the spirit of the person. Many of us, especially as we age, are not physically beautiful. However, our loving spirit can shine through as we experience the beauty of true love.  Many couples are blessed with a special love that enables them to see their loved one's shining spirit as they learn and accept each other's perfections and imperfections over time.  I met many beautiful people as their bodies and earthly beauty declined.  Their inner beauty was magnificent and compelling.  I remembered these people in my book because they are etched in my mind forever.  It has been a privilege to experience the love of the spirit and realize that it will go on forever.

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