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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I love my baby but I need help

I have empathy for mothers who experience an unplanned pregnance.  A planned pregnancy is hard enough to deal with financially, emotionally and psychologically without the stress of being thrown out of your home. Some women have been raped, have a boyfriend, sexual partner or husband putting pressure on them to "have an abortion or get rid of it". Life is difficult when your body is changing, emotions are fluctuating, psychologically you are abandoned by family, friends, clergy and you are now responsible for another human being.  Where will you live, how will you finish school and work enough to pay for a proper diet, how will you finance medical care, how can you care for an infant when you are having financial problems now?  Everyone tells you different things. "Have an abortion, don't have an abortion, you will never have a future, a baby is wonderful and you will have someone to love you, babies are crying, burping, screaming, pooping and eating disasters, etc."

Most woman love their unborn child. They are overwhelmed and confused.  No one tells this mother that an abortion will remain in her heart and soul for the rest of her life.  She may cry every year at the anticipated due date for the baby who will never be born.  The process of the the procedures for both the baby and the mother can produce guilt, anxiety and future health issues for mothers, fathers, grandparents, healthcare workers and society.  It is not the easy out that many mothers anticipate.  Fathers who have not been consulted may experience extreme sadness and grief at the loss of a part of themselves. Potential adoptive families cry because they want a family and can't have their own baby for one reason or another. The baby needs to be wanted instead of discarded.  

Limiting abortion clinics is not the cure for this dilemma. It takes a "village to raise a child" is a popular concept.  It takes a society to help to "birth a child".  Mothers with an unplanned pregnancy many times want to have the baby live. They need a support system of their families, friends, church members, government programs, society, and significant others to help them to have a healthy child. If mothers had help with emotional and psychological problems, an income, a place to live, medical care and educational opportunities, counseling and options for the future life of their baby, they would not need an abortion.  We have to give pregnant moms viable options to create a healthy life.  It is not just the pregnant mother's responsibility.  It is not the responsibility of the president or laws.  It is the responsibility of all of us to make abortion a low choice and all of us love the babies!

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