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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Politeness, the lost art

I am so excited when I meet individuals who have learned the art of weaving a peaceful balm of politeness and caring into their everyday lives.  Please, I'm sorry and thank you are very powerful when they are used sincerely and without expectations.  I am so grateful that my grandchildren have been taught to be kind, thoughtful and polite by my sons, daughters, and my daughters-in-law and sons-in-law.  When someone says please, I'm sorry and thank you, they are showing respect, acceptance and acknowledgement of the person they are addressing.  Politeness goes hand in hand with kindness and awareness of the needs of others.  It is also important to know how to say please and thank you to God everyday for the blessings we have, especially for all of those people in our lives who love and encourage us. Telling someone sincerely that "I am sorry" opens the door to dialog, healing and forgiveness. Children learn by example.  It our responsibility to live our lives as a teacher and model of the kind of person we want our children to become.  We can leave a legacy of peace, hope and love in a world that is confusing and often disturbing in its brutal, raw, enraged frustration. Our children see us struggle with life choices and when they have an opportunity to see us choose forgiveness over anger: kindness, integrity and caring over lying, cheating and profanity: they are inspired to better themselves. Anger is the absence of love.  Forgiveness is the  healing peace that enables us to embrace love.  Please find love in your heart, peace in your life, and don't be afraid to say I'm sorry!  And especially remember that God is always available.  He is our teacher and our refuge!

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