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Thursday, September 17, 2015


I'm thinking of Chrissy today.  I miss her even though I didn't physically see her often, I always knew she was there by phone or other media.  She was a woman of faith and served her family, friends and neighbors.  I remember when she was dating her husband Jerry. Jerry is a real cowboy who lives a somewhat isolated lifestyle.  Chrissy loved people, city lifestyle of movies, parties, music, and comforts of technology.  When she and Jerry left for cowboy life, I couldn't imagine how she would survive.  Sometimes she lived without indoor plumbing, she was socially alone with neighbors who lived miles away and she was not fond of riding horses!  She and Jerry loved each other and were able to compromise during the first couple of rough years.  Because they had to depend on each other, their relationship became very close and they were truly a couple.  They also grew in faith while they raised their two sons.  Chrissy was able to take her love of photography to her cowboy life and left a wonderful record of photos to document a lifestyle that is slowly fading away.  Jerry was able to take her photos and make beautiful paintings and drawings.  They were a team.  They both had a deep love of their children and were involved in their community.  I know she is no longer alive except in the minds, spirit, and hearts of those who loved her.  I know that she is enjoying her pain-free lifestyle of our personal angel in heaven.  I love you Chrissy!

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