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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I have to laugh at my attempts at plumbing  I wanted to add a metal handle to a moen shower.  I went to a local hardware superstore and asked about what I would need to buy.  I have had many experiences over the years when an employee of the store would send me to another store to get an item I needed because it was not available. This time I was given parts for an item that was generally adapted to most showers. After I spent hours trying to make it work I returned it and bought another kit and again had to return it.  I went to a plumbing store and was able to buy the correct part and it went on in a matter of minutes.  I have often appreciated the employees who made my life easier by actually helping with the information I needed.

Sometimes we try to adapt our lives by going to the wrong place to try to find happiness when we need to go to the source of happiness.  Often there are special people along the way who can share their knowledge and resources to aid us in our journey.  My experience has always led me to the only place that brings me the peace I seek.  I have to go to the source of happiness.  God and my faith.

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