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Friday, July 25, 2014

Making lemonade out of lemons

I was talking to my daughter today.  She told me that my adult children and friends that had spent time with us over the years were discussing the fun times that we had together.  I have been worried that as a single parent I wasn't able to give my kids what they needed.  I was stressed with taking care of the household, working and going to school and I felt that my children received a poor substitute for a set of parents.  It made me happy to know that they have forgiven me for their chaotic upbringing and managed to remember the times we went camping at Cedar Point and other parks, swimming, card playing and just being together.  My kids were always a blessing and continue to be now as I am aging gracefully.  They are always available to help when I need anything and are supportive of each other.  When we keep God centered in our lives, we can survive anything with faith and a sense of humor.  I thank God everyday for my family and friends.

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