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Thursday, June 12, 2014

family and friends

I have recently had family in from out of town.  My family that has biological and non-biological members.  There are many types of families who love and support each of us.  It is so wonderful to feel connected with others.  Since I have been ill, I have been isolated from everyone for awhile. This world is very scary and threatening sometimes but our family and friends can make the road softer and more inviting.  The emotional support helps us move beyond our limitations and strive to be a better person. The world feels safer when we know "someone has our back."  Faith can make a difference in our acceptance of life changes and our attitude toward a "new normal." There are many things that affect our life including death, birth, marriage, divorce, loss of pets, loss of health, etc.  It is our belief in God that gives us our strength and hope and our family and friends who give us our hugs and emotional support. It is a powerful combination.    

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