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Monday, April 6, 2020


"There is no security for anybody if there is insecurity for many."  Eleanor Roosevelt

Many historical plagues, pandemics, and high death rates has its beginnings in slums, poor sanitation, homelessness, lack of healthcare, joblessness, over crowded living conditions, poor nutrition, rampant crime and hopelessness.  When these conditions incubate diseases, the result is expansion of the victims including friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, church and education associates, and employers.

We may forget that our lives are intertwined among the United States, other countries and the world in general.  We are interdependent on each other in order to maintain our lives with safety, medical issues, jobs, economies, mental health and pandemics.

It makes sense that if all families had a home, proper sanitation and healthcare, adequate nutrition, access to education, job opportunities, and safety, the incidents of rapidly spreading diseases would be diminished. We are all in this together.  Individuals who own businesses need people to purchase services and items for sale.  People who need services and items need money for purchases. Without give and take, the economy can not function. Not only do all the human beings in the world share souls, they also share the same needs, wants and dreams.

"Our Lord doesn't look at the greatness of our actions or even the difficulty as at the love at which we do them." The greatness of a country lies in its treatment of the marginalized and dependent members of society. Yes, we are our "brother's keeper".  Our destinies could be different and we could have been the person born in poverty instead of in a position of opportunity.

Remember the seniors, handicapped, ill or isolated people in your life who may be having difficulty in this time of crisis.  I am greatly indebted to my friend and neighbor who buys my groceries. It may seem like a small gift but to the recipient, it has a major impact.  We can all "make a difference" in unique ways, no matter how small and insignificant it seems. Just do it with love!  Check out my book, ebook and audio book, "The Dying Teach Us How to Live", my art gallery and vinyl prints

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