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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Caregivers For Elderly

My mother has been having significant changes in her condition.  It has been challenging to be her caregiver, POA and daughter. The support I receive from the facility staff has been invaluable. I'm impressed with all of the individuals who work with the elderly and are able to share love, care, kindness and patience with each older individual who needs assistance. 

A Prayer For Those Who Work With the Elderly

Lord, give me the peace to greet my patients with consistency and strength; to welcome the uniqueness of each day and each individual

Provide me with the stamina to keep up with their demands, even on those days when I feel inner limits

Let me remember their frustration at not being able to perform ordinary tasks and let me manage to aid them with understanding, easiness and compassion

Let me remember to laugh.  Give me the ability to see the humor in each situation and to recognize  that life need not always be so serious

Provide me with the opportunity to touch.  To demonstrate acceptance, assurance and compassion through a gentle pat or a loving embrace

Give me the power to recognize the struggles within each person; to remember their own dignity and the importance of their individual past

Lord, let me cry out when there is injustice toward any person.  Give me the wisdom to recognize abuse in every form and the inspiration of how to stop it

Let me remember that families cope with age in different ways.  Let me forgive those who do not visit; understand those who over compensate and cooperate with those who demand

Provide me with the insight to support my fellow workers.  Help me remember their own struggles and let me reach out in genuine cooperation

Lord, let me remember love not only in the individual that is lovable, but in the person that is difficult.  Let me look into each separate face and know the unique beauty within

And when they have all pushed too hard let me remember gratitude.  Through them I am provided the opportunity to soar above mediocrity, to create change and a better world

Thank you Lord for I am blessed                      Greta G Sherman 

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