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Friday, September 13, 2019

What Do My Actions Say?

"Actions speak louder than words, let your words teach and your actions speak." 
St Anthony of Padua

There are many words that we can use to explain our beliefs, religion, philosophy, politics, relationships, and intentions.  Often we are guided by religious guidelines, governmental rules and regulations, familial or ethnic traditions, or self imposed behavioral restrictions. It is often easier to settle into routine adherence to expectations instead of fully experiencing spontaneous opportunities to reach out emotionally and spiritually to others.

Externally we can "follow the rules" and appear to be model citizens, parishioners, neighbors and friends. We can say the right words and express the right intentions while giving rules and regulations a central part of our lives.

The true internalization of these guidelines that are taught verbally are effectively reflected when our actions "speak" for us without words by our compelling, sincere example. Children especially internalize what they experience rather than guidance of words only.  There is often a disconnect between spoken words that are meaningless responses of polite expectations instead of actual feelings and intentions.

What do my actions say about me?  Are needs of people more important than merely following the expectations of society?

St. Mother Teresa used her hand to show the need of reaching out with actions instead of just words.  She said each of the five fingers of her hand related to the five words:  "You Do It To Me." We are sometimes the answer to someone's prayer because we step forward to reach out to a person in need. We have opportunities every day to make a difference in the lives of others through our actions.

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