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Saturday, June 8, 2019


As I view the devastation from the recent Ohio tornadoes, I remember other parts of the world experiencing floods, hurricanes, fires, droughts and other massive weather destruction.  In Ohio, the most wonderful result of the chaos is the volunteers and community gathering together to help each other.  Gifts of money, time, experience, compassion, and love make something beautiful out of something unimaginable that is out of our control. Today, I am sending you a poem that might make a difference in your life.  

The Way
A loving word, 
 A cheerful smile,
A kindly thought or two...
A helpful hand,
A ready step,
They help, my friend, they do.
A patient heart,
A thoughtful deed,
A willingness to cheer...
An endless day
Of service, friend,
These things make life most dear.
Be kind, do good,
Have loving thoughts
Throughout the livelong day,
Think right, serve God,
Be friend to all,
And you have found The Way!
 Esther Nilsson 

I thank everyone who takes time to assist others who are in need. I know that you would appreciate a helping hand if you were the one in the midst of trouble!  

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