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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mothers Deserve Celebrating

"When I was growing up, Mother's Day was right up there with Christmas.  The energy around the house was always positive, mostly thanks to my father who made sure the kids appreciated their mother.  And no matter what day it was, that attitude was paramount around our house."

"I also learned over the years, as times got harder for the family, was that no matter what, my father always put my mother before himself.  He absolutely adored her and never let her forget that.  Adult love is usually not unconditional, but he did all he could to make her feel that it was. And again, I learned a thing or two about how to love." 

"Flowers, gifts and brunch or dinner hardly seems like enough to thank the woman who cares for our little family and makes us all feel so loved, even when we disagree.  Now that's a talent."

"I watched my father dote on my mother, and I learned that showing affection to the woman you love or who gave birth to you is an important part of life."

"There are a number of us who no longer have a mother in our lives, and truth be told, there are a few times when I wish she was here to comfort me."  Excerpts from Dr. Barton Goldsmith, psychotherapist in California, from his news article "Mothers deserve celebrating, especially on Mother's Day"

All loving mothers deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. We never know how long they will be with us in this life. Not all mothers have doting husbands or family. If your mother is no longer available, try to find a lonely mother who needs to be recognized.  Most mothers have made multiple sacrifices over the years simply because they love unconditionally and quietly as they place their families first.  On Mother's Day, honor and appreciate them for the contributions they have made in your life and the lives of others. 

"My granddaughter had just turned five when my wife asked whether she was being a good girl. After a deep sigh and a thoughtful pause, she responded, "You know, I'm doing the best I can." Taken from Reader's Digest, M.F. 

I think most mothers would tell you the same thing.  "You know, I'm doing the best I can."  I think that is the way mothers live their lives!  Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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