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Saturday, December 9, 2017


There are many news stories about leaders in many different fields who have been held in high esteem until recent exposure for corruption, sexual exploits, contributions to pornography in adults and children, embezzlement, and cruelty.  For family and friends, the shock is overwhelming between the belief in the person and the reality of the person.

How can we be so easily deceived by someone who professes to love and respect us?  How can individuals use their influence and trust to deceive those who believe in them?  How can someone so honored and esteemed become so despicable?

The answer lies in our tendency to overlook or disregard hints of the negative behaviors of the person we admire or love because it is easier than confronting the truth.  Truth can be hidden but will eventually be discovered because of the many lies needed to cover it up.  Truth prevails in the long run but at great cost to loved ones, friends and society. 

We all have choices to support evil or to expose it and begin doing the right thing.  Too many of us keep silent when we need to stand up for the all of the people: ourselves, the poor, under-educated, immigrants fleeing from persecution, people who are simply different in faith, color, sexuality, or economic status. 

We can still love the person but expose the behaviors with the truth.  Evil can't hide behind the truth.  We must find our voices to bring peace, hope and trust back to our world and our daily lives. Holidays shared by many faiths can remind us of hope and peace.  We can still ask God to help us find goodness in each other.  We are responsible for our actions and for avoiding the truth we know in our hearts.  Doing nothing is not acceptable! Forgive but don't "cover up" what we know!  Have wonderful holidays! 

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