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Friday, April 21, 2017

Be Someone's Angel

I had the opportunity to observe an earth angel.  She has been through many difficult times including being a caregiver to a disabled son.  She doesn't let that stop her from making the time and effort to help a friend.

Her co-worker had become ill and she had to enter a nursing home.  Her family have moved into her home and are using her vehicles and assets but somehow are unable to find time to visit her.  This woman was receiving inadequate care, but her family made no effort to speak on her behalf.  Her friend visits regularly, brings special food and beverages, assisted in selling her car, arranged for a notary to get necessary paperwork completed, and regularly stands up to facility staff to make sure her friend has adequate care.

She drives 25 minutes each way to visit her friend at least once a week.  Despite an age difference, this woman has become an earth angel to her former co-worker.  She is the example of someone who makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

"Life's greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred."   Barbara DeAngelis

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