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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Life of the Party

I was in an elevator with three young women.  They all were out partying and had obviously been drinking.  Two of the girls were holding up a "friend", each holding an arm as she dragged her body and lowered her head.  The girls, about 18 years old, were laughing.  They pointed to the young lady who was so drunk she was not responding and stated, "She has never had a drink before!"

I questioned a friendship that would encourage another friend to become drunk and lethargic.  It was not at all funny to see this attractive, young girl in a stupor. I read recently in the newspaper about another beautiful, intelligent, young college freshman who was being initiated into a sorority and was encouraged to drink a huge amount of alcohol.  She became unresponsive after being left to "sleep it off" in her dorm room.  She was dead before anyone called for help.

She now has no future, her family has no daughter, sister and her friends will no longer have a relationship with her.  All because we condone alcohol consumption as a way to be accepted and feel a part of the college or party scene.

Why does alcohol have to be a central part of fun and enjoyment?  Why cant't we have fun without endangering someone or our own lives?  Why do college initiations have to be cruel and sometimes violent?

We must teach our children and vulnerable adults how to say no with pride and walk away. Nothing is so important socially that we have to risk our lives to prove we are worthwhile to a fraternity, sorority or social function?  Life should be about love, joy and peace with God, family and friends there to help us with crisis, pain, sadness and difficulties.  Let us help each other to truly live!

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