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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Courage of Mary

Mary. the mother of Jesus, was young, unmarried and pregnant.  Her husband to be. Joseph, knew he wasn't the father.  Mary was courageous because she accepted her pregnancy with great faith, knowing that she could put her faith in God.  She knew that she could have been stoned to death, shunned by her community and certainly would not be able to marry Joseph.  It is important that we remember to accept other people as they are and leave judgement to God.  We don't know God's plan for each person we meet.  We don't know their history, we don't know why they do what they do.  We can reach out to others with love and remember that God has our back.

Fortunately Mary chose to do God's will and Joseph reached out to her with love.  They chose to put their faith in God's will.  Every baby is precious in God's eyes but especially this particular baby!  Christmas is a celebration of love and faith.  It is a deep joy that can permeate our daily lives!

Please have wonderful holidays!  Remember how special each one of us are to God!  You are unique and magnificent in God's eyes!  He made you and He loves you!

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