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Friday, April 15, 2016

Living Example of Faith

I have seen several versions of this thought. "Your deeds and example are the only sermon some people hear."  Another book stated, "Sometimes the only bible people read is your life."  This idea helps us realize that the best way to share your faith is to live it.  Many people of many faiths talk, preach, evangelize and promote their faith using media, churches, sermons, sales of books and pamphlets, door to door encounters, theatrics, and confrontation.  Others silently follow their own heart and beliefs and quietly live their lives with integrity, compassion, courage, and dignity.  They refuse to compromise because of donations, power, superiority, political correctness, or out of fear of criticism.  God and love of their "neighbor" (other human beings of any faith, culture, sexual orientation, country, economic level, skin color, disability, political party, etc) take the forefront in their decisions on how to behave.  The example of courtesy, kindness, forgiveness, active listening, honesty, fairness, compromise, and inclusion create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.  Some people have lost their lives because of this focus on living faith rather than verbalizing faith without action and conviction.  God loves us unconditionally.  It is difficult for us to love others unconditionally but it is one of the most awesome ways to promote faith in God and bring hope to a world torn by anger, denial, vindictiveness, fear, war, gangs, suffering, hunger, pain which are all evidenced by the absence of love.  Love is the only answer to give the world hope.  Love with action is powerful.  With the help of God, anything is possible!

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