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Friday, November 20, 2015

gifts of the heart

It's almost time for Christmas and the thought of gifts come to mind.  I have often felt the joy of gifts from the heart that have no monetary value but enormous emotional benefits.  We can get so hung up with "buying" gifts that we forget that the best gifts don't have price tags.  I have received gifts that were created by family or friends that I have saved for many years.  They have "sentimental" value because the person thought about me and personalized a special gift just for me.

I had to laugh at myself because I gave my sister two portraits of her and her husband made from the same photograph.  I forgot I had done the first painting years ago.  Fortunately it was the thought that counted!  She didn't make too much of my obviously bad memory and will have to suppress her laughter for many years to come.

Some gifts are hugs, telephone calls to check in or silly cards to make me laugh.  Sometimes it is a meal or leftovers so that I don't have to cook for one.  I know some folks give flowers or candy for every gift-giving opportunity. They are very wonderful for the person who enjoys flowers but not as appropriate for someone who loves a gift of time visiting, someone who takes time to fix something in the house or car, someone who is available when you need a friend to listen.  True gifts are voluntary and come from the heart.  Otherwise it is just "stuff".  I'm trying to downsize gifts that are not tailored to the needs of the recipient and make them more "user friendly".

If you don't have money for gifts, there are plenty of other ways to provide a unique and lovely gift of the heart!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Remember to gift the cooks for Thanksgiving with the clean-up crew!

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