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Friday, July 31, 2015


My sister Chrissy, 48 years old, died on July 29, 2015.  I told her she was my hero because she had to endure so much pain without complaint.  She knew she was not well but chose to travel from Jackpot Nevada to Dayton Ohio to celebrate our mother's early birthday party.  She decided she would have pain whether she was at home, traveling or with us at the party.  She always had a deep faith but it was tested when the relentless pain increased.  Her husband Jerry and sons Cody and Clay were very attentive and supportive.  Regardless, the process of dying is something that no one else can do for us.  Chrissy faced her illness with courage and directness.  She knew the recent party for mom was her last chance to say goodbye to her family.  She would have such intense pain that she would curl up in a ball and rock back and forth.  She returned home after traveling with pain for an entire day. She continued to be positive, have a sense of humor and endeavored to make peace with everyone. Jerry was devastated but was totally present for his wife of over 20 years "in sickness and in health". I am so proud of the person of faith that Chrissy became and her willingness to share love in the midst of her pain.  I will always miss her until I see her again when I die.  I picture her with Dad, who died many years ago.  I am so happy she is no longer in pain but I am so sad she is no longer physically present.  I hope we all realize that God only lends our family and friends to us.  We don't know how long any of us will be alive.  I hope we learn to appreciate everyone we have contact with, treat them as we want to be treated and enjoy the time we have.  Hugs and encouragement have no price tag but they are priceless!  I love you Chrissy, Jerry, Cody and Clay.

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